Grow with strategic client relationships.

For most agencies, substantial retainers are a myth.
Of agencies surveyed, 86% of their revenue is project-generated, with only 11% generated from retainer. And pitching new project business is a risky, resource-intensive process.
With the pitch win rate at about 27% over the past 5 years, most agencies waste considerable resources finding new clients, especially considering 60-70% of ‘net new’ business comes from current clients. Organic growth is the #1 growth opportunity for every agency and Rova is the only tool for agencies that’s proven to create long-term strategic client relationships, while creating consistent and correlated project revenue streams. That means more work, increased revenue and happier clients, along with predictable, scalable opportunity and growth.

Software solutions are already in place for every agency process…except Client Services, the drivers of client success. Your agency is a valuable investment and, without Rova, you’re leaving opportunity on the table, putting customer relationships at risk and losing time.

In A Recent Forrester Survey, Senior Brand Marketers Identified Their Four Biggest Challenges:

Attributing program spend to revenue results

Attributing program spend to revenue results

Attributing program spend to revenue results

Attributing program spend to revenue results

The research also shows that 73% of executives don’t believe agencies are focused enough on key business metrics. Your agency may already be asking clients why, but are you able to deliver? Agencies must ladder their work up the value chain to serve a greater purpose to their clients.

Start connecting your agency’s efforts to an overall business strategy in lieu of the one-off campaigns of the past.

Today, most clients view Client Services as the most valuable asset of their agency relationships.

Client Services are the sleeping giant of new business growth. Your agency’s strategic capabilities don’t hinge on an outside hire. Rova increases profitability on current services by transforming client development and by association, your Client Services team, into a strategic asset. That’s an all-new revenue stream for most agencies, and for agencies already selling business strategy, it’s a scalable platform for service delivery and generating new business growth.

By housing the measurable results and data today’s clients demand, Rova provides the ability to drive long-term strategic client relationships, plan for current client growth, and thus, agency growth. Stop lying awake at night wondering how you’re going to grow your agency. Empower Client Services to sell with actionable and clear sales goals. Take control of your sales process. Take command of agency growth.



With Rova, your agency will develop a roadmap for strategic success and win more opportunities with every client.


Current client pipeline visibility with Rova increases your ability to plan better, resulting in increased bottom line efficiency at the outset.


Rova provides data to define and demonstrate strategic value to clients, so you can eliminate commoditized rates and charge more for your work.


Agencies using Rova find a massive increase in revenue with current clients, while delivering more work and more success.


With teams aware of your clients goals and progress towards success, Rova eliminates wasted time and resources with more profit for growth.


Rova keeps clients aligned, engaged and informed, driving a huge increase in client satisfaction.


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