Rova Goes Global – Introducing International Currencies

Rova is built for agencies by a team of agency veterans – all dedicated to growing agencies. Today, Rova’s Jonathan Tvrdik provides an update from the Product team on the most recent software changes made to improve the experience agencies and their clients have with Rova.

Introducing International Currencies

Great news for agencies abroad using Rova, and agencies with international client business! Now that Rova is in 11 countries around the globe — and counting — it was incredibly important that agencies be able to manage and view their clients’ plans in multiple currencies. Now, agency admins can set the “agency currency,” or the standard currency their home office operates within, in Rova’s Settings panel. The agency admin can then even add multiple currencies the agency supports and also set the exchange rates for each.

Rova Makes Personal Customization Easy 

As an added bonus, each user within Rova can also control which currency they see by default by selecting a preferred currency in their personal Settings. The options presented in the personalized view are taken straight from the supported currencies set by the agency admin.

Ideas? Requests? Tell Us! 

Agencies using Rova can anticipate more currencies being added all the time as we bring on new agency users in new countries – and with a wide variety of global clients themselves! Have a request for a currency we haven’t added, get in touch with your Customer Success contact or chat with us in the lower right. As always, we’ve built Rova for you. If you have ideas to make it better, we’re all ears.

Not a Rova user, but looking to learn more about our international currency roll out or have other questions? Chat with us in the lower right corner of your screen. Or better yet, schedule a one-on-one demo with a Rova Product Expert right now!