Rova works for agencies. Because it was built by one.

From design to pricing to our feature set, Rova is created with the agency experience in mind. When you add Rova to your team, you’re adding decades of agency experience. It’s the equivalent of adding a highly experienced, insanely detailed team member who will unify your Client Services team, and who cares as much about growing your agency as you.

Serial market success built on
more than 150 years
of recognized agency and technology experience

Backed by over
$1.5M dollars
and 10,000+ hours
of investment in creation and refinement

Diverse client background, crossing industry
sectors and sizes, from global Fortune 500
companies to family-owned and -operated
businesses, consumer product companies to
business-to-business service providers

A world-class product created and led by a group of agency veterans

Self-motivated, mission-driven, risk-taking doers, enabling agencies of all sizes to develop client relationships that foster predictable pipeline growth – delivering success to clients and brands


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